One of my favorite shops has closed and been sold. No longer The Picket Fence, this incredible 100+ year old house is being renovated into an art gallery. Welcome to Malvern, Gallery 222!

The best thing about this amazing pro-artist space is that the four bedrooms on the second floor are all being converted into private art studios. Guess who got the first one?

Mine will be in the room that would have been a nursery way back in the day and was used in the last 20ish years as a beautiful dressing room. With the closet add-ins removed, I can finally see the bones of this space that will be my official creating space. It needs a lot of work, but these pics are from the first demo day! It's already off to a great start.

I am so excited and cannot wait for the floors to get buffed, the walls to be painted, the lights put in, and the key in my hands! Plus, I'll have a fabulous view of the backyard garden, which is going to be an awesome relaxing hang-out spot this summer.

You'll be able to stop by and check out my latest jewelry, mixed media and traditional art, origami flower balls, and more. As always, special orders are my favorites and I love meeting new customers and sharing the process with other artists!

Let's get making things!