Writer - Illustrator - Mixed Media Artist - Jewelry Maker - Decoration Creator

and Buster Keaton Enthusiast

Based near Philadelphia, PA

I was going to put some couches with nice throw pillows here to make it extra homey, but I got lazy and found out that good throw pillows are ridiculously expensive.

I could also wax philosophical and delve into the essence of "home" and what that really means - to me, to you, to your mother (by the way, how is your mother?) - and what place a "homepage" has in that world.

Instead of all of the above, please have a sign for an historic inn in Savannah, Georgia that shares my name even though I have nothing to do with the place.

My name is Jessica Hamilton Turner, and I would say I'm a little bit crazy, but as one of my dearest friends once said, "We're not crazy; we're writers." Thanks, Kevin.