Who says I can't do everything?

Everywhere you look online, someone's telling you:

Find your niche!

Know your exact customer!

Focus on one thing and become an expert!

What if I don't want to do any of those things? Why should I focus on one single niche, and a tiny one at that, when I have so many areas and interests and skills at my disposal? How can I possibly know my exact and ideal customer when each one I've met is completely different? My customers & clients are varied, both when it comes to the type of work (like writing vs. decor) and they are varied inside those types (one wants factual articles that read like stories, and another wants press releases, and another wants personal essays, and another...) 

And why, why, why would I focus on just one thing to be an expert? I understand that specializing in certain areas and developing a reputation of expertise is a good thing for some people in specific industries or areas within industries, but why on earth would I give up my writing for jewelry design? And why would I give up making jewelry for illustration? And why stop drawing for gardening?

There's no point giving up things just so I can "brand" myself. And I hate the idea of becoming a "brand" - you know, the new buzzword that everyone likes to throw around in the same articles where they discuss your "niche" and "expertise" and "ideal client". I'm not a brand. I'm me. I'm not a name on a product or service. I'm a human being, a mind-body-soul combination that you are paying for when you hire me. I am an awesome person with a face and a voice and a name that I've had since birth, not since a couple years ago when I got a © or  or  after filling out a bunch of paperwork and sitting around thinking up a good brand name for myself. 

I am Jessica Hamilton Turner: author, artist, amateur archaeologist, jewelry maker and garden raker, crafter of silly rhymes in blog posts, with a so-called brand of Hamiltonian Designs that encompasses everything that is and ever will and could be me