the Muses

I've kind of started art journaling. I say "kind of" because I'm more experimenting with techniques and images than "journaling" my thoughts or feelings, but I suppose the creative process in book form would count as a type of journal anyway.

I'm drawn to mixed media and collage work and how they can tell a story. I saw an ad in Harper's Bazaar that just felt dark and perfect for some sort of piece. I used a gel medium to transfer it into my book, and was both disappointed and pleased with the results. Disappointed since not as much transferred as I intended, but pleased with the opportunity to fill the space with other images and patterns. Void gave way to characters.

I have yet to replace my scanner, so below is a photo of the piece.

The full text reads: The Muses are not goddesses. They do not inspire beauty. They run the freak show.