Have you ever wanted a personalized mini garden? Do you want homes for fairies, gnomes, and other tiny beings? Or do you have another type of garden you're looking for?

I am now offering custom mini gardens! Below are photos of my own fairy / gnome garden inside a very old wheelbarrow in my yard. The ladder leading up to this elevated garden was handmade out of a fallen Beech tree branch. I'm working on some even smaller versions - ones that fit in small single pots - for those of you who would prefer an indoor garden or have limited space.

Perhaps you already have a garden spot in your yard that you would like infused with fun and whimsy but you don't want pots or have old receptacles for holding soil. No problem! I would love to work with your current garden and add a splash of color and joy that bring a smile to your face (and maybe your youngest family members - kids love these!)

Contact me via email with your thoughts and we'll set up a meeting!